Wallpaper history


The history
of the wallpaper begins
in those times


when the walls of the caves were decorated with animal skins, canvas, pieces of leather, painted paper…

Wallpaper in the form of rough canvases with a black and white pattern was known in Assyria, Ancient Babylon and Egypt, but China became their real homeland.


In 1785
the Frenchman Christophe
Philipp Oberkampf


invented the first wallpaper printing machine.

In 1839 Charles Harold Potter invented a four color surface printing machine.


In Europe
the wallpaper arrived
rather late


due to the remoteness of the countries of the East, the complexity of economic relations, wars and the technical complexity of printing.
The main methods of making wallpapers were hand-painted.

Saints, biblical scenes, battles were typical patterns of that time.


With the onset of the 20th century,
along with the revolution


the development of technologies in the field of wallpaper production began rapidly.

To this day, the methods of drawing a picture on paper are being improved, introducing more and more new pages into history.


Until the 18th century in Europe
wallpaper was made of cloth,
not paper.


In the 15th century, the Flemish painter of the early Renaissance, John van Eyck, suggested not to weave a pattern, but to take an already woven canvas and draw on it.

His idea was the beginning
of the era of printed wallpaper production.


on centuries
experience of history


wallpaper production and carefully keeping traditions, our company continues to master the latest production technologies and keep up with the times, maintain global trends while maintaining our own style.

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