Washable wallpapers

What is moisture
resistant wallpaper?

Moisture-resistant wallpapers are made from environmentally friendly materials by flexographic or gravure printing using water-dispersion paints and subsequent lacquer coating, which makes them resistant to sunlight and moisture penetration. Wall-paper is intended for finishing of any rooms, including rooms with the increased humidity of air.

Moisture-resistant coatings are mainly used for finishing the kitchen, which greatly simplifies the life of the hostess.

Washable wallpaper is a compromise between nobility of vinyl kind and affordability of simplex kind. Rich, saturated colors are combined with exceptional practicality. Such wallcoverings can be cleaned with water and are ideal for your kitchen, so if accidentally you messed up your walls in the kitchen it can be easily cleaned up with a wet sponge.


Modern wallpaper collections are so diverse and multifunctional that there is hardly a room where wallpaper should not be glued. For example, the kitchen is a place where certain areas of the room get dirty quickly. In this case, moisture resistant wallpaper will be an ideal option. They can rightfully be considered a real salvation for the kitchen, as they will perfectly withstand water accidentally splashed onto the wall, high humidity and high temperatures.

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