Simplex wallpapers

What is
simplex wallpaper?

Traditional simplex wallpapers are distinguished by their unsurpassed environmental safety and excellent adhesion. The simplex version of the wallpaper covering is a single-layer roll of paper with various patterns and textures applied by flexographic printing. Simplex wallpaper is an environmentally friendly material that is often used to decorate children’s rooms. The proposed designs will satisfy the most demanding taste, allowing you to decorate the interior in the color scheme and style you need – from hi-tech to classic.

Their main advantage is environmental friendliness. Paper sheets are made from natural ingredients and are completely non-toxic. Therefore, paper wallpapers are allowed to be used even in children’s rooms, where the environmental component is very important.



of simplex wallpapers

Paper wallpapers have historically been and remain popular finishing materials. Their popularity is due to the following advantages:

– manufacturing technology using only natural products ensures the environmental safety of the wallpaper. Walls on which paper wallpapers are pasted can “breathe”. This allows them to decorate the walls not only in common rooms, but also in the children’s room, where environmental safety is especially important;

a large range of patterns, colors and shades,
allowing you to choose a wallpaper for almost any purpose;

– a significant advantage of wallpaper, which determines the choice of buyers, is cheapness compared to other finishing materials with high aesthetic appeal. If the child breaks them or shows the talent of the artist, you can replace them without much damage.

of simplex wallpapers

– the disadvantage of simplex wallpapers is their durability, but this can easily be turned into an advantage: you will change the interior more often and please yourself and your loved ones with new design solutions;

– given the very strong susceptibility to wetting, simplex wallpapers cannot be used in rooms with high humidity, such as a bathroom or kitchen;

– also a significant drawback is the small thickness of the canvases, forcing the walls to be carefully prepared before pasting. It is worth noting that embossed simplex wallpaper can mask small wall irregularities.

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