Acrylic foam wallpapers

Acryl foam wallpaper is based on water dispersion foaming inks. They are developed by gravure printing method with application of acryl past onto the paper web with further foaming after temperature treatment. While this process a multilayered relief image is created. Metallic inks, nacre, polishes and glitter powder improve an artistic perception. This wallpaper is ecologically safe.
Innovation formula of acryl foam developed by our company has brought wallpaper to vinyl properties. Velour effect adds to the wallpaper an attractive velvety look, and it is pleasant to touch. In comparison with vinyl our product in its composition has only water solvent components which are ecologically safe and shall not bring harm to your health.
Due to its airiness and lightness wallpaper are easy to use without clogging wall micro pores. Voluminosity and velvety effect of the surface of the velour acryl creates lightness and smoothness of interior, conceals its roughness and defects.

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